Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hazelcast: Starting standalone Hazelcast nodes

Now now, Hazelcast explains how we can start a node programmatically. It might take some time till you start doing a full code implementation of a Hazelcast client. Meanwhile, if you want to start a standalone Hazelcast node to support your cluster, this is what you do.

1. Start your programmetic cluster first, as in the tutorial.

2. Get to the hazelcast/lib directory.

3. All you have to do is, have your standard hazelcast.xml in the classpath, then run

    java -cp hazelcast-2.0.3.jar com.hazelcast.examples.StartServer

If you just run java -jar hazelcast-2.0.3.jar it would run the main class specified in the manifest, a load test.

And because of https://github.com/hazelcast/hazelcast/blob/master/hazelcast/src/main/java/com/hazelcast/examples/StartServer.java you are safe to go, as you know what exactly is happening with StartServer.

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